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A right destination to unveil your destiny through Nadi Astrology!


Meet our Nadi Astrology Guru to lead a blissful life!

Through MahaShiva Nadi Jothidam, you can know your past, present and future through the ancient and vedic study of thumb impressions done on a palm leaf.

Our Guru, Shri Muthu Swamy hails from a traditional family of nadi Astrologers based in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu, India. After mastering the art of nadi predictions, he had set up his own nadi astrology firm twenty five years ago. Several film stars, high profile businessmen and people from various industries have benefitted with his in-depth knowledge of Nadi Shastra. His timely guidance has helped thousands of people overcome their problems and embrace a meaningful life. He has 100% satisfied clients all over India and aboard. To fulfill the growing demand of nadi Astrology Clients, the centre/firm is equipped with a knowledgeable team of nadi readers and translators who are well-versed in English,Hindi, Kanada, Telugu and Malayalam.

He also provides online nadi based predictions for those residing other parts of India. People who are residing abroad can avail the predictions through his online nadi reading service.



Vaitheeswarankoil is the prime centre of Nadi Astrology. In Vaitheeswarn koil, Lord shiva is said to have assumed role of vaidya or doctor to remove worries and miseries of his devotees. In this temple Lord Shiva is worshipped as Vaidyanathar or Vaitheeswaran meaning the "God of healing" and it is believed that prayers to Vaitheeswaran can cure diseases. It sounds like "vaideeswaran" when pronouncing in Tamil. It is one of the nine Navagraha (nine planets) temples and is associated with the planet Mars (Angaraka). There is a holy water within the temple complex called siddhamirtham that contains nectar and a holy dip in this water is believed to cure all diseases. Many siddhas in days of yore performed abishek to Lord of this place with nector and gained many boons. the nector used for the abishek mixed with the holy spring. 18 theerthas are mixed in this holy temple tank which cures all diseases people suffer from. Lord vaidyanatha not only cures physical pains of people but also cures them from recurring disease of births and deaths. The deity here is very powerful enough to cure the planetary problems of people and grants every wish of a devotee.

How we help you?

The impeccable services of our renowed Nadi astrologer are useful for the following purposes:

  • To find one's past, future and predominant characteristics
  • To improve one's health and longevity
  • Solve career or education related problems
  • Solve business or financial related problems
  • Solve family or marriage related problems
  • To avert all adversities in present life

OurNadi Reading Process

nadi Astrology Predictions are based on thumb impression of an individual


Thumb impression will be taken


Search begins to locate the palm leaf


Once located the content can be translated into other languages


Finally it is recorded in audio for future reference